Hello world!

Hello world!.  Welcome to my blog. I am Professor of HR Innovation at Nottingham Business School (NBS) and my research interests lie in two main areas: talent management and the use information systems for people management processes in organisations. I am an interpretive researcher with a particular interest in the notion of identity: personal, professional and social. Follow me on Twitter,  at @HR_Innovation where I try to keep my followers informed about various new applications of technology which might be useful in their working lives as managers, consultants, students and others interested in keeping up to date in new areas of people management. My other identity is as Head of Professional Doctoral Programmes at NBS and this role enables me to engage in a job I love – supporting professionals in a journey towards intellectual capability resulting in a Doctorate in Business Administration. It’s a long way from where I started… wiring up telephone boxes in a factory in the North of England…

“Is this all there is, Mavis?”. “Yes, Florrie, we’re Northern and that’s all there is to it!”

Carole Tansley