Acclimatising to Australian bats…

I have just got a handle on the jet lag, thank goodness, so sleep deprivation is now reduced to being woken at 5.30 a.m. by our kookaburra alarm clock.   Our ‘studio in the garden’ is bordered by a creek lined with eucalyptus trees full of bats. At dusk they take off and fly very fast in a hoard across the property with a ‘whooshing’ noise. I remember on a visit here once being in the swimming pool floating on my back when this happened.  What a sight!  When they had passed the dark night sky came back into view to display the Milky Way.  All of this certainly demonstrates God’s marvellous natural creation.  

The road trip to emigrating to Mullumbimby

We have finally reached our destination as British emigrants to Mullumbimby in New South Wales, Australia.  Our first sighting of the road to Mullumbimby on this major life-changing trip.

Chinny’ is mentioned in just about every house advert as a way of getting a higher house price ‘And finally, this home has the best views of the iconic Mount Chincogan’.  Any house seller unfortunate enough not to be able to see Chinny from any window has to drop their house price dreams by $100,000 😱

On our way from Melbourne to Mullumbimby we passed through several interesting places, including Coffs Harbour.  After Melbourne’s extensive cafe lifestyle we found substantial grub quite difficult to source so we became quite experienced at seeking out the local Soldiers, Sailors and Airforce, RSLs or Bowling Clubs.  The winner for the best one was the Catholic Club (‘The King of Clubs’) in Campbelltown. The worst was Coffs Harbour. Their breaded calamari needed to be tasted to be believed. Still it was tea time on a Sunday evening and we did win a couple of games of Keno to balance things out 😃