Happy New (writing) year….

Yesterday I did the unthinkable and tidied out my side of the study. All those journal articles I printed out last year to read and never did (all those trees!). Memorabilia from conferences attended last year. Old pens. Uncountable new, unused folders and files. In the black bag and put into the bin. Try not to think about the waste. Just think about the writing production line.

First thing this morning I read Joanna Penn’s automatic email on her highly productive 2014 and goals for 2015. She left management consultancy to become a dystopia novel writer and has branched into non-fiction, motivational speaking and training. Her productivity is impressive but her blogs are more so. Thank you, Joanna, for caring about others’ needs. I know you do this partly for marketing your ‘products’ from your writing but you must also care about others otherwise you wouldn’t do it. Find her here.

Next Steps
Joanna talks about her next steps:

‘Essentially, the model is: trust emergence and continue to feed the muse in order to write (which for me involves travel and research), turn those ideas into books, turn that one book into multiple products, distribute globally and reach readers through marketing, and then repeat.’

Talk about a simple but effective set of goals set up in one statement. Masterly.

As ever, my goals can’t be constructed without setting up a digital tool to accommodate the preparation process. Today’s download is the Microsoft Excel app to construct the writing plan for 2015. Let’s see how it turns out.


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