Writing several papers at once….

I have quite a few writing projects on the go at the moment. Ten at the last count. Too many.

Three are papers accepted for international conferences, all with different co-authors. Two of those are with colleagues I have never previously written with, one is with a doctoral student on his thesis work and another colleague. Building such relationships takes time, effort and needs a lot of trust, maturity and understanding between you all.

The papers are at different stages…First draft with too many concepts to submitted and waiting for reviewers/editors response to the re-vamping of a paper rejected from one journal to ‘fit’ the position of another journal. Again, too many?

Finally, they are all on different topics. Gamification, storytelling and fiction-science; the global motility of talent, experiences of the translator in a talent management masterclass….at least they all have one core focus…the lived, meaningful experience of the person practising their craft in a contemporary organisation.

I enjoy all the writing stages now, though. My favourite part at the moment is reading the literature for the literature review. I’ve begun writing by hand now to make sure I reduce the amount of time spent on a computer/ipad. It’s not good for us.


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